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How to Earn & Purchase Crypto

A Straight Forward Guide On How to buy Seamless Tokens on the Seamless Swap Exchange.
Pre-Information and Setup.
This will take you 5 minutes. Apps Needed: MUST HAVE’S – Both are on IOS or Android. Trust Wallet, Meta Mask.
Trust Wallet: A Hardware digital storage app that quite literally acts as a digital “wallet” for your cryptocurrencies ETA is 1 min to set it up.
Meta Mask: A highly developed tool for buying cryptocurrencies off multiple cryptocurrency networks that is served in a user friendly phone app manner. It includes a browser extension that is very handy and will be how you access the website
Go to google and go go this website to configure your meta mask – ETA is 2-3 mins to set it up.
“Add Binance Smart Chain to metamask” Here’s the link from Binance if you want to save time – to-binance-smart-chain.amp
Add main net and test net from the above link to your Meta Mask.
The guide above is way better at setting up your Meta Mask than I could ever write and has images to guide you. Interchangeable apps on preference: Coin exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies

Guide Start

How To Start

Step 01

Download and setup Trust Wallet. Simply open up Trust Wallet and create your wallet until you have your wallet code set. Download and setup Meta Mask. Simply open up Meta Mask and create your wallet until you have your wallet code set. Store your passwords and unique wallet code somewhere safe for Trust Wallet and Meta Mask. Email it, print it out, store it somewhere. You can also just screenshot it for now and deal with storing it safely later.

Step 02

Open your Crypto Exchange, For this example we use CoinSpot and buy BnB (Binance)Tokens. To do this on CoinSpot, head to “Coins” and type BNB. Buy as much BNB you are willing to invest and swap into Seamless Swap. Since Seamless Swap runs off the Binance network, you will be exchanging your Binance tokens (BNB) later for Seamless on Meta Mask app.

Step 03

Open your trust wallet, scroll to the BnB coin logo (yellow icon). Tap It and then Tap Receive. It will pull up a QR code. Hit Copy on the bottom left. This will copy the Receive address for your BnB token that you will need to paste into your exchange on CoinSpot to send the coin to your Trust Wallet.


Open CoinSpot (or your exchange of choice). Open your Wallet in Coinspot. Tap the BNB
Coin. This will have opened your BNB Wallet.Tap / Click “Send”.
This is where you paste your Trust Wallet BNB Address you got from step 3 into the BnB
address on your Coinspot App.Do not add a destination tag or memo. You’re sending it to a wallet, not another exchange and is not needed. Confirm the transaction. If you’re skeptical you’ve done it wrong, send a super tiny amount and see if it goes to your trust wallet.
Go to your email address for Coinspot and verify you are sending it outside of the exchange (to your own wallet)
Your BNB coin is now on its way to your very own Trust Wallet.

Step 05

Open your Trust Wallet. You will now see your BNB balance in USD. Click/Tap on your BNB coin (yellow icon). Go to the Top and click Swap and then Swap to Smart Chain. Smart Chain is also known as BNB Smart Chain. You are Swapping your regular BNB for BNB Smart Chain. They areequivalent in value, meaning $1 of BNB =‘s $1 of BNB Smart Chain.
Now read carefully as this will allow you to progress and save heaps of time. Tap the “0” just under where it says “you pay”, “Balance 0:” Now your phone keyboard should have popped up. Slightly above your phone keyboard you will see some %’s pop up for how much BNB you want to convert to bnb smart chain - hit 100% and swap. It’s 1:1. you’re
swapping your bnb onto the Binance Smart blockchain.
To know it’s been converted, you will have all your BNB value under the black BNB icon on the home-screen. This is your Smart Chain BNB We’re almost done!

Step 06

Open up Metamask.
Once it’s connected, Tap “wallet” up the very top in Metamask, scroll until you see
“Smart Chain” Tap Smart chain. Tap Receive. Copy the Address again with the small
copy button under the QR code. Copy your wallet address.

Step 07

Open up Trust Wallet. Click on your BnB Smart Chain (black BnB icon). Tap Send. Copy in your Metamask address and send the Bnb smart-chain to your Metamask. Once again, if you’re unsure, send a super tiny amount and wait for it to come through as a test run.
Open up Metamask. Tap Wallet. Tap Import Token Paste the below code WITH NO EXTRA SPACES at the start or end of the string into TOKEN ADDRESS. If you want to get the below code yourself. Join the Seamless Swap Telegram and literally write “contract” without the quotations into the messages and the same code will pop up from the auto chat bot “Rose”. Telegram can be joined from the website 0x2fc9e0f34d86f65b495de7ee3bb5cbeac7f92b04 Tap Confirm.
You will now have added Seamless to your MetaMask. Stay in Meta Mask or Open it back up.Up the top left of the app there are 3 layered lines that look like a 2D hamburger.
Tap/Click it. Tap Browser. Tap The Search Magnifying Glass down the bottom. Paste this address in the top search bar Enter the site.

Step 08

Now tap the Yellow 3 lines / hamburger looking thing on the seamless site. Tap Trade. Tap Exchange. In the “From” Trade Window - Select BnB - it will know you have BnB SmartChain, but it doesn’t call itself that, it’s just known as BnB. In the “To” Trade Window- Select SEAMLESS. Press Max and buy your SEAMLESS SWAP Currency!To stake your Seamless Swap: Tap the 3 lines again Tap POOLS Use the “Seamless Pool”.
If you got your seamless working drop a like or positive comment Stuck along the way? let us know where and send SeamlessSwap an email through our contact section or join the Telegram from the telegram logo below for 24/7 Live Support.